to break faith with a crumpled-up girl


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7322 0:21 28 July 2022
young vs old youngest

A young man has been dating his girlfriend for three years. One day he finds out she was cheating on him with another guy. He confronts her about it and they fight. She breaks up with him. He goes back to her house one night and sees her having sex with another guy. He gets angry and hits her. Then he takes off. He drives around town looking for her but doesnt see her anywhere. He stops by a gas station and buys some cigarettes. He lights one up and starts smoking. Suddenly, he hears a voice behind him say, Hey, buddy. Its his ex-girlfriend. They start talking and she tells him what happened. He apologizes to her and asks if she wants to go out again. She says yes. They go out together and have fun.

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